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How Should New Home Owners Handle Water Damage in Faribault?

4/4/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Should New Home Owners Handle Water Damage in Faribault? SERVPRO helps owners, both new and experienced, handle water damage.

Word of Advice for a New Faribault Homeowner

Becoming a homeowner in Faribault is an important milestone. We plan for the changes we are going to make, how we to decorate and whom to invite over for a housewarming party. We also move in confident that the home inspection already pointed out the small flaws in the home and we do not have any more worries. However, suddenly, there is a funny smell every time we open a cabinet door, and the cabinet itself is wet to the touch.  

When there is water damage to your home in Faribault, call SERVPRO to receive the best professional advice available. Our team is IICRC-certified and can help you assess the damage and work with you on the proper steps to resolve the issue with the least amount of disruption to your life or pocketbook. As tempting as it is to tackle any water leak as a do-it-yourself project, it is better to leave it to a trained technician that has a broader view of the consequences such an issue could have.  

Upon arriving at your home, our SERVPRO crew looks to the source of the water and stops it from flowing. Once it is under control, we use moisture meters and other tools to determine just how saturated the structure is and if structural compromising occurred in any way. With this information, we proceed to extract the excess moisture and to dry the area thoroughly. Concurrently, we check for the existence of mold which may have spread as a response to the presence of standing water.

If all goes well, we only focus on extracting, drying and disinfecting the affected area and reassuring you that there is no further threat. In more complicated cases we may need to bring in specialized filtration devices to clean the air from particles and organisms. In either scenario, our SERVPRO team is there with you until you assure resolution of the issue and your new home is in great shape.  

SEREVPRO of Cannon Valley is a valuable resource for new homeowners. Our training and expertise are at your disposal for jobs big and small. All you need to do is call us at (507) 334-2565 and let us do the work so you can enjoy your new home.

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Is Water Damaging the Brick Veneer on Your Newly Renovated Northfield Home?

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Is Water Damaging the Brick Veneer on Your Newly Renovated Northfield Home? Water can damage the brick veneer of homes.

Cleaning and Drying Interior Brick Veneer in Northfield Homes

Brick veneer and exposed brick in Northfield home renovations is a popular trend, and also one that comes with little upkeep on the part of the homeowner. However, water emergencies that expose this brick to substantial water flow or persistent leaks can threaten the structural integrity of its bond, exposing your home to not only cracks and openings in the brickwork, but also mold or mildew growth. Understanding how professional restoration techniques can work to preserve this aesthetic element to your home and keep your property safe from secondary effects can showcase the benefits of skilled technicians.

Water cleanup can mean much more for your Northfield home than mopping and drying up potential spills. With steady leaks from kitchen fixtures or localized emergencies like pipe breaks, water cleanup can also mean an immediate response to a structural threat with the right equipment. Our SERVPRO Franchise professionals have the training and expertise to dry and clean water-damaged brick to prevent extensive reconstruction and relaying of the material.

Bricks, as a material, can withstand direct water exposure for an extended period due to their dense composition. Conversely, mortar is less capable of withstanding moisture penetration for extended periods, and even less so in exposed brick walls of recent remodeling, as masons do not focus on ensuring the backside of brick walls have finished joints to keep them sealed and protected from moisture exposure. This striking finish happens on the outside face, or exterior, of the construction.

Once our SERVPRO Franchise professionals arrive at your home, we get to work on identifying the moisture present in this material and focus on setting up our drying equipment as quickly as possible. With our air movers and dehumidifiers, much of the present moisture can get removed efficiently. We can also work to spray these affected surfaces with an antimicrobial solution to prevent the possibility of mold growth while the team works to continue drying out the damaged portions of masonry.

While exposed brick or veneer construction inside of homes has become a popular trend, these surfaces are not impenetrable to water damages. Let our SERVPRO of Cannon Valley water restoration technicians help you to remove the moisture and clean up the area. Give us a call anytime at (507) 334-2565.

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Avoid Not Taking Action When Finding Water Pooling or Damage in Your Red Wing Home

12/16/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Avoid Not Taking Action When Finding Water Pooling or Damage in Your Red Wing Home When water starts pooling inside or near the foundation of your home, it is time to contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation options.

Evade Severe Water Damage By Checking Your Red Wing Area Home Regularly

It is a part of every Red Wing homeowner’s life to search for problems on their property at regular intervals. As you know, water, if left unattended, often leads to corrosion, rot, and mold, not to mention additional damages involving the structural components of your home. The sooner you catch existing water damage, the less likely you are to experience severe loss.

Performing regular water damage inspections in your home can help you catch a variety of water issues in Red Wing before they get out of hand. What you want is access to a reputable restoration company who maintains a foothold on your communities needs. Someone with fully certified IICRC technicians, advanced equipment, and all of the resources necessary to restore your home, should tragedy strike.

SERVPRO technicians can check the floors throughout your home. We look for signs of water damage on tile and wood, such as cracks, buckling, or warping. For carpeting, we check for gradual rises or soft spots, dampness, and even strong odors that are all tell-tale signs of water damage in your home. Our technicians put years of training and experience to work for you, catching problems early and returning it to a quality pre-water damage condition fast.

SERVPRO searches your home for signs of water damage such as staining. These problems are often noticeable around bathtubs, toilets, and sinks. Over time, stains can develop on your walls and ceilings, followed by cracks and peeling paint, swollen sections of drywall or soft areas that signify the existence of severe water problems. Drywall itself often becomes saturated, separating from the wall and becoming a fall hazard.

SERVPRO can also inspect the exterior of your home for additional problems. Pooling water in your yard often means changes to your grading, poor drainage, or even broken downspouts. Clogged or damaged gutters and downspouts don’t do their job right, allowing water to gather around the outside of your home, threatening your foundation. We also check your roof for pooling; as well as cracked, folded, or missing shingles and broken flashing.

Contact SERVPRO of Cannon Valley for additional information regarding the protection of your property or to begin your home’s initial inspection, today. (507) 334-2565

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SERVPRO's Way To Solve Your Water Damage Disaster In Your Red Wing Home

10/25/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage SERVPRO's Way To Solve Your Water Damage Disaster In Your Red Wing Home If you have a water damage incident in your home, you can rely on our SERVPRO of Cannon Valley emergency response team to arrive quickly.

Prompt Water Cleanup For Your Red Wing Residence

Effects from an unexpected incident in your Red Wing home can prove challenging to overcome on your own without experience and the appropriate equipment. Something as seemingly simple as a broken faucet fixture can leave a considerable volume of water to contend with, which affects nearby materials and flooring as the water absorbs into these surfaces. Our emergency response team can help you to mitigate the worsening of this damage and begin work to set things back to the way they should be.

When the term water cleanup gets used for your Red Wing home, many homeowners believe that this is something that they can achieve on their own without the need for professional restorers. The trouble with considering water damages to be simple fixes is that there is often effects and damages out of your line of sight that never gets addressed. Our SERVPRO technicians set out to do a thorough job when it comes to drying and cleanup efforts, ensuring that moisture and dampness do not continue after we finish.

To achieve complete drying and acceptable moisture levels for the materials and environments in your home, our technicians utilize specialized equipment to help locate and assess dampness in materials and surfaces. This detection equipment can isolate problem areas that our SERVPRO technicians can focus on, training our air movers and dehumidifiers on the area until the moisture gets removed.

Our focus as professional restorers is to provide efficient service that begins with the phone call that you make. The emergency response team responds quickly to the situation to help prevent the situation from getting worse while our professionals begin work to extract excess water, dry up saturated materials, and repair the source of the problem if possible.

Water cleanup might not seem like something that is all that threatening to the structure of your home, but without adequate service to these effects, the problem can get well out of your control. If you have a water damage incident in your home, you can rely on our SERVPRO of Cannon Valley emergency response team to arrive quickly, clean up the mess, and restore any damages the water might have caused. Give our team a call anytime at (507) 334-2565.

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Technicians in Faribault Talk About Common Causes for Water Leaks

9/19/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Technicians in Faribault Talk About Common Causes for Water Leaks SERVPRO Says Don't Let Frozen Pipes Cause a Water Loss in Your Faribault Home

SERVPRO Offers Advice for Water Loss Prevention in Your Faribault Property

You may think that a water leak could not happen to you and your Faribault home, but the odds are stacked against you. In fact, 37% of homeowners have suffered a loss due to water damage at some point and 14,000 people everyday deal with a water-related emergency situation. Water leaks, either ruptures or drips, waste over a trillion gallons of H2O every year in the U.S. alone. Items inside your home tend to break over time as the statistics show, the average washing machine supply hose only lasts a little over eight years, and 75% of water heaters fail within twelve years. Homeowner insurance companies pay out over $2 billion each year for water loss recovery as the average claim sets them back nearly $7,000.
Many different factors can cause objects to get ruined by moisture, but it is good to know a few common causes, so you know what normal sources to look for when something does happen. Also, when you are familiar with the most familiar sources of water damage in Faribault, it is possible to take preventative measures. During September, our SERVPRO technicians celebrate National Preparedness Month, and it is the time of year that you should set aside to take steps to make sure you and your family have a plan in case a disaster occurs. Included in your preparedness plan can be a list of problems that you think could take place relatively soon. To devise this list, it is wise to inspect your home's infrastructure.
One common source of moisture issues is a leaky toilet. Regularly check all of the seals and make sure that it is not running for too long after you flush it. Another common problem our SERVPRO crew deals with regularly, especially in the Fall and Winter seasons, are pipes or sprinkler systems freezing and breaking. You can help prevent your pipes from freezing by making sure they are well insulated, and your heater always stays hot enough to keep the building above freezing even when you are not home.
For tips on how to prevent moisture-related damage, call SERVPRO of Cannon Valley at (507) 334-2565 seven days a week.

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