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When a Water Event Interrupts Your Northfield Office Workday

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial When a Water Event Interrupts Your Northfield Office Workday SERVPRO knows how important it is to keep your business up and running. Call us when you experience a water emergency at your office.

Protecting your Northfield Office Building from Water Damages

Your Northfield office stands as a hub of the company, packed with a bustle of employees throughout the day and night, and it is stocked through multiple storage areas with hard copies of client agreements, essential documents, and sensitive information. Managing a facility like this requires everything to be in its place and running at optimal levels, which can get derailed quickly with a situation like a water loss incident. While undoubtedly your facility has custodians on staff to handle messes and general cleanup, these individuals often lack the advanced equipment necessary to eliminate harmful water loss effects as efficiently as your building requires.

From a leaking supply line to one of the toilets in the restrooms to a faulty HVAC system, water damages to your Northfield office must get addressed quickly to prevent degradation of the property, its essential and sensitive contents, and to protect the ability of your business to continue forward. Our SERVPRO professionals can accurately determine the full extent of the damage to your office building and determine the best approach to remove the present moisture and dampness as quickly as possible.

Pack-outs are a mitigation process that ensures that at-risk contents get removed promptly from the premises and stored where air-bound moisture and damp construction materials cannot affect them. From the computer systems in the affected area to the storage of your sensitive data on hard copies in the storage areas of the building, our SERVPRO technicians can work immediately to preserve these essential items from water damage.

Advanced equipment like our ROVER extractor can quickly remove saturation from short pile carpeting you likely find throughout the primary areas of your office building. This machine forces moisture to the surface for removal by an attached vacuum and discharge hose.

Our professionals can appreciate being available to our customers, and that is why our rapid response team is available 24/7 to work efficiently to limit the time you have to be away from yours. Give our SERVPRO of Cannon Valley technicians a call anytime at (507) 334-2565.

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Ultimate Solution Options for Flood Damaged Important Papers and Photos in Northfield

11/28/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Ultimate Solution Options for Flood Damaged Important Papers and Photos in Northfield Crucial flood-damaged documents, books or photos can possibly be restored after an event. Contact SERVPRO right away to discuss.

Restoring Precious Books, Documents and Photos After Flood Damage in Your Northfield Home

As we move from the fall into the winter, the increase in rainfall over the next few months can cause flooding and road overflow. This phenomenon can be extremely harmful to properties and, in particular, ground level rooms which often house books, documents, and photos. It is only natural to assume that once these items have been saturated in moisture, the only option is to dispose of them. That is not always the case. With the right training, equipment, and expertise many of these items can be restored not replaced.

On arrival to household suffering from flood damage in Northfield or the surrounding area, our priority is to remove all standing water. With SERVPRO, this process is usually quick and painless thanks to submersible gas pumps and industrial scale water extractors. But what concerns homeowners the most is their possessions, some of which are expensive, others are sentimental and have been accumulated over several years in the property.

Books can become very fragile when saturated with water making the restoration process complex. Drying documents like this require freezing the water and then rapidly drying it to a vapor; avoiding the liquid state in between. A process your SERVPRO technician refers to as sublimation. This particular process can be expensive, so we communicate with you to decide which ones are necessary to salvage and which can be disposed of.

Once you have decided, we take an inventory of the selected documents and then perform a packet, taking them to a specialized facility where they are frozen. Documents that have been frozen are less likely to continue being damaged. SERVPRO can then decide on the best course of action. That remediation action could be vacuum freeze drying, Vacuum thermal drying or Air-drying.

At SERVPRO, we can prevent damage, but we cannot reverse the damage that has already been caused. In-line with the inventory taken, we can carefully return precious documents, books or photos to your property. Your technician can talk you through the outcomes of each item undertaken as well as those items that were not possible to salvage. We believe in "doing what is right by the customer" and promise an open exchange of the work carrying out and its results.

Damaged documents do not always have to be replaced, contact SERVPRO of Cannon Valley at (507) 334-2565 to see what you could salvage.
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Don’t Let Water Damage From Broken Appliances in Your Northfield Home Leave Your Head Spinning

11/20/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Don’t Let Water Damage From Broken Appliances in Your Northfield Home Leave Your Head Spinning Faulty appliances can cause water damage in your home. Call SERVPRO to remove the water and restore your home.

Why SERVPRO Provides Highest Quality Water Damage Restoration in Northfield

When you face the fear and confusion of a water loss in your Northfield home, selecting the best restoration partner is the key to a successful outcome. Many companies vie for your business, but you want to engage the professionals who bring a unique mix of training, experience, and cutting-edge equipment to your disaster. Let us explore why our services and products are the correct fit. 

The amount of water damage done in Northfield homes from appliance failures would shock most homeowners. A busted water heater or a washing machine with a broken hose can spew dozens to hundreds of gallons of water across your floors depending on when you discover the breach and shut off the water source. What are the reasons to choose our crews when you face this devastation?

The reasons why SERVPRO is a water damage mitigation leader are many. We require our technicians to master industry standards taught through Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) courses and to maintain their expertise by renewing certification regularly. IICRC is an international standards-developing organization that teaches research-based strategies and techniques to ensure outstanding results under the most difficult of circumstances. 

SERVPRO offers a full spectrum of water damage restoration services, able to adapt the approaches we take during your project to meet the individualized needs of your scenario. We are a locally based and owned company with deep roots in our Northfield community, dedicated to delivering high-quality services on each job. 

Although our employees provide top-notch water loss remediation services, we are only as skilled as our equipment supports us to be. A crucial reason why SERVPRO meets or exceeds customer expectations is our investment in modern technology and proven tools of the restoration trade. The pumps, extractors, drying mats, air movers, heaters, dehumidifiers, and more precisely match the tasks we need them to compete to transform your water damaged home to “Like it never even happened.”  

This combination of technical skills and proper equipment is why SERVPRO of Cannon Valley is the company you can rely on to restore water damage in your home. Call (507) 334-2565 to schedule an assessment and start the restoration process. 

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Recipe for Disaster: Dirty Ovens in Your Northfield Home

11/6/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Recipe for Disaster:  Dirty Ovens in Your Northfield Home Clean your oven at least twice per year to reduce the chance of fire.

Not Cleaning Your Oven Regularly Can Lead to Fire Damage in Your Northfield Home

It is not uncommon for life to take over and to become too busy to address the "spring cleaning" inside your home, but when it comes to your oven, this can lead to fire damage. Most experts recommend that you clean your oven at least twice a year. Leaving grease or food particles behind for extended periods of time can create a hazardous environment that is ideal for a fire to start in. However, sometimes accidents occur and, when they do, it is essential for you to have professionals close by to contact for help.  

Once you extinguish the blaze, it is imperative for you to call fire damage remediation services to your Northfield home, as this type of damage is time sensitive. The longer that soot particles remain inside your kitchen, the higher of a chance they can have to cause permanent discoloration to your belongings. The quicker that help can arrive at your home, the more likely it is that your kitchen can be smoothly restored to its preloss state.  

When you get in touch with SERVPRO, we aim to arrive at your house as swiftly as possible, regardless of the time. Day or night, we can promptly travel to your home with all of the necessary equipment to begin the remediation.  

The first SERVPRO employee to arrive at your home can be our Estimator. Their job is to investigate the damage and answer any questions that you may have, as well as explain a likely solution. After our Estimator, our team of IICRC-certified techs can arrive and begin setting up our equipment.  

SERVPRO uses advanced techniques to tackle fire damage, usually choosing one of three cleaning methods: abrasive, lubricative, or chemical. A common way to clean soot and grime away from the various surfaces inside your kitchen is the 'wet and wipe' method. In addition to cleaning, our technicians aim to remove any reminders that the fire damage even happened in the first place, such as scent. SERVPRO can use equipment, such as thermal foggers, to neutralize the very particles that cause the foul odor that fire produces.  

If a small kitchen fire breaks out in your house, always call for help. Dial (507) 334-2565 to reach out to SERVPRO of Cannon Valley. Our ultimate goal is always to make you feel "Like it never even happened."

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SERVPRO's Way To Solve Your Water Damage Disaster In Your Red Wing Home

10/25/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage SERVPRO's Way To Solve Your Water Damage Disaster In Your Red Wing Home If you have a water damage incident in your home, you can rely on our SERVPRO of Cannon Valley emergency response team to arrive quickly.

Prompt Water Cleanup For Your Red Wing Residence

Effects from an unexpected incident in your Red Wing home can prove challenging to overcome on your own without experience and the appropriate equipment. Something as seemingly simple as a broken faucet fixture can leave a considerable volume of water to contend with, which affects nearby materials and flooring as the water absorbs into these surfaces. Our emergency response team can help you to mitigate the worsening of this damage and begin work to set things back to the way they should be.

When the term water cleanup gets used for your Red Wing home, many homeowners believe that this is something that they can achieve on their own without the need for professional restorers. The trouble with considering water damages to be simple fixes is that there is often effects and damages out of your line of sight that never gets addressed. Our SERVPRO technicians set out to do a thorough job when it comes to drying and cleanup efforts, ensuring that moisture and dampness do not continue after we finish.

To achieve complete drying and acceptable moisture levels for the materials and environments in your home, our technicians utilize specialized equipment to help locate and assess dampness in materials and surfaces. This detection equipment can isolate problem areas that our SERVPRO technicians can focus on, training our air movers and dehumidifiers on the area until the moisture gets removed.

Our focus as professional restorers is to provide efficient service that begins with the phone call that you make. The emergency response team responds quickly to the situation to help prevent the situation from getting worse while our professionals begin work to extract excess water, dry up saturated materials, and repair the source of the problem if possible.

Water cleanup might not seem like something that is all that threatening to the structure of your home, but without adequate service to these effects, the problem can get well out of your control. If you have a water damage incident in your home, you can rely on our SERVPRO of Cannon Valley emergency response team to arrive quickly, clean up the mess, and restore any damages the water might have caused. Give our team a call anytime at (507) 334-2565.

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What to Avoid When Remediating Northfield Water Damage

10/11/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial What to Avoid When Remediating Northfield Water Damage Finding water damage has seeped into your walls can be disconcerting. Contact SERVPRO immediately for effective remediation.

Special Care for Walls When Mitigating Commercial Water Damage in Northfield

Walls may act as the barrier protecting spilled water from spreading all over property especially if any openings such as doorways are adequately sealed. However, this does not mean that they are immune to the damages caused by the water. Most leakage in commercial spaces might originate from the walls leading to massive damages. Restoring your Northfield workspace to preloss conditions is easier if you take the right steps when restoring wall damage.
The type of wall finish might determine the restorations steps taken during commercial water damage in Northfield. Gloss or semi-gloss paints prevent free moisture movement, so walls with such paints take longer to dry compared to those finished with flat paint. Such extra time can create room for other issues such as mold to develop. Our SERVPRO technicians are usually equipped with enough air movers and dehumidifiers to intensify drying efforts. The extra resources cut down the time it takes to dry the walls with a gloss finish.
Depending on how long the walls remain exposed to water, there is a possibility of loosening drywall. Extended exposure also damages exterior walls with fiberglass insulation. A straightforward remedy for such situations is increasing the amount of airflow in the wall cavities. Our SERVPRO technicians do this by drilling holes at the top of the wall.
Vinyl covered walls which are common in many commercial establishment present particular challenges when affected by water. The vinyl wallpaper acts as a vapor barrier presenting easy transfer of moisture. Running a dehumidifier alone in the room is not likely to produce positive results. Our SERVPRO technicians can remove the base molding and drill holes forcing air into the wall cavities to dry the wall and save the wallpaper. We can also remove the wallpaper after discussing with your adjuster.
Sometimes the problem is not removal but failure to detect excess moisture. This situation mostly happens on vinyl-covered walls or laminated surfaces. If such moisture is left unaddressed, other problems like rot and mold infestations occur. Our SERVPRO technicians use penetrating probes to check moisture levels removing excess residue moisture.
Proper mitigation of water loss should restore walls to preloss conditions. Call SERVPRO of Cannon Valley to assist. You can reach us at (507) 334-2565 any day.

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How Our SERVPRO Experts Will React Quickly To Flood Damage In Your Northfield Home

10/4/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Our SERVPRO Experts Will React Quickly To Flood Damage In Your Northfield Home Flood damages in your Northfield home require professional restoration services like our SERVPRO professionals to overcome.

Reacting Quickly To Flood Damage In Your Northfield Home

Natural disasters are something that many Northfield homeowners find they cannot adequately prepare for, despite apparent precautionary measures. Something as destructive as a flood in your home can lead you to wonder how things can ever return to the way that they once were, especially if you can see the damage and invasive presence of the floodwater up close.

In truth, flood damages in your Northfield home require professional restoration services like our SERVPRO professionals to overcome. With the wide array of potential concerns that the flood has brought into your house, a homeowner does not have the appropriate equipment or training to handle the steps to restore their home to preloss conditions fully. This fact does not mean that you do not have a critical role in the process.

Apart from getting your insurance provider involved and getting the claims process started, you also have to ensure that the right professional team gets called quickly to alert them to the situation you experience. Whether the damage is widespread throughout the neighborhood or isolated to your house alone, reacting quickly to the emergency can help secure our team to arrive quickly and get started on preserving your home and its contents from worsening conditions.

Likewise, a fast reaction time to call our SERVPRO professionals can help us get to work on mitigation right away. This step lessens the impact and spread of the damage throughout your home until the restoration process can begin. Ultimately, the mitigation process allows the restoration work to take less time and be less labor intensive, giving you a restored home back as promptly as possible. Furthermore, your insurance company wants proof of the extent of the damage and a cost estimate to finalize claim proceedings, and our estimator and inspector can safely identify this catalog of damages to speed this process along.

When you experience flooding from any source in your home, you might find yourself surprised at how quickly this damage can spread and affect many areas of your residence. Make sure that you reach out to our SERVPRO of Cannon Valley restoration specialists as quickly as you can to allow us to save some of the at-risk items in your house and begin work on restoring it back to the way it should be. Give us a call 24/7 at (507) 334-2565.

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Why Contacting SERVPRO is Always Effective When Dealing with Mold Damage in Northfield

9/30/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why Contacting SERVPRO is Always Effective When Dealing with Mold Damage in Northfield When mold starts spreading in all directions on your walls, contact SERVPRO to figure out the cause and contain the damage.

What Mold Can do to Your Northfield Home

As a Northfield homeowner, you become increasingly aware as the years go by just how many disasters and incidents threaten your home. However, many of these situations can get handled with a little bit of hard work and some education on your end. When it comes to something as complex and potentially harmful as mold and microbial growth, however, the situation should get handled by professionals with experience and the appropriate equipment.

Mold damages in your Northfield home are nothing that you should wait around to decide a course of action. These situations increase in strength and destructive power with every passing day, so the discovery of a mold colony in your home should spur immediate action. Our SERVPRO remediation specialists can respond quickly to help you assess the scope of the damage and get to work on removing the colony as efficiently as possible.

But the real concerning aspect of mold growth in homes is how few people actually understand the severity of the situation. As mold spores seat into materials, surfaces, and the contents of the affected area, the spreading colony begins to feed on these materials and break them down. After just a brief period, the damage is too severe for conventional restoration techniques to preserve and demolition and reconstruction become the favored approach.

Apart from this hazard of structural weaknesses, mold colonies can cause health effects. The best solution is to contact our SERVPRO emergency response team and let our technicians isolate the affected area and help limit the spread of active spores throughout your home while remediation work begins.

The discovery of mold in your home should inspire any homeowner to contact the appropriate professional remediation team right away. DIY methods are often ineffective or could even make the situation worse, as there are many varieties of mold that could grow within your house. Our SERVPRO of Cannon Valley remediation team is available 24/7 by calling (507) 334-2565.

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Technicians in Faribault Talk About Common Causes for Water Leaks

9/19/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Technicians in Faribault Talk About Common Causes for Water Leaks SERVPRO Says Don't Let Frozen Pipes Cause a Water Loss in Your Faribault Home

SERVPRO Offers Advice for Water Loss Prevention in Your Faribault Property

You may think that a water leak could not happen to you and your Faribault home, but the odds are stacked against you. In fact, 37% of homeowners have suffered a loss due to water damage at some point and 14,000 people everyday deal with a water-related emergency situation. Water leaks, either ruptures or drips, waste over a trillion gallons of H2O every year in the U.S. alone. Items inside your home tend to break over time as the statistics show, the average washing machine supply hose only lasts a little over eight years, and 75% of water heaters fail within twelve years. Homeowner insurance companies pay out over $2 billion each year for water loss recovery as the average claim sets them back nearly $7,000.
Many different factors can cause objects to get ruined by moisture, but it is good to know a few common causes, so you know what normal sources to look for when something does happen. Also, when you are familiar with the most familiar sources of water damage in Faribault, it is possible to take preventative measures. During September, our SERVPRO technicians celebrate National Preparedness Month, and it is the time of year that you should set aside to take steps to make sure you and your family have a plan in case a disaster occurs. Included in your preparedness plan can be a list of problems that you think could take place relatively soon. To devise this list, it is wise to inspect your home's infrastructure.
One common source of moisture issues is a leaky toilet. Regularly check all of the seals and make sure that it is not running for too long after you flush it. Another common problem our SERVPRO crew deals with regularly, especially in the Fall and Winter seasons, are pipes or sprinkler systems freezing and breaking. You can help prevent your pipes from freezing by making sure they are well insulated, and your heater always stays hot enough to keep the building above freezing even when you are not home.
For tips on how to prevent moisture-related damage, call SERVPRO of Cannon Valley at (507) 334-2565 seven days a week.

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Restoring Your Faribault Home After Fire Damages

9/16/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoring Your Faribault Home After Fire Damages Seeing parts of your home damaged by a fire can be a harrowing experience. Call SERVPRO to remediate and restore your property.

Team SERVPRO Offers a Complete Crew of Technicians Focused on Getting You Back into Your Home After a Fire

While many disasters could ultimately affect your Faribault home throughout your lifetime, many of these occurrences offer clean up and repairs that you can handle on your own. Some situations like fires, however, require trained and safety-oriented professionals that know their way around specialized equipment to help you restore your home back to preloss conditions.

One of the most troubling facts about fire damages for your Faribault home is how widespread and versatile these effects can be. From smoke and soot damage to lingering moisture concerns from extinguishing efforts, professional restoration companies like our SERVPRO team have to utilize all of our training to overcome this vast array of potential threats and concerns.

Our estimator is one of the first that begins thoroughly assessing the damage to your home, and this is often on account of a request from your insurance provider for a detailed breakdown of the damage and what steps must get taken to correct them. This inspection details not only the full scope of the damage that your home has sustained, but it also details the work that must get performed, the personnel required to do this work, and the estimated costs of the job.

Once the claims process has gotten started and is in the works, our SERVPRO professionals can begin to work on strategies that mitigate the irreparable damage that can occur to the contents and structural elements of your home. Whether this approach is working to dry up pooled or overly saturated materials or use air scrubbers to begin cleansing the atmosphere to make it safer for the crew to breathe without SCBA equipment, we work efficiently to help minimize the impact of this disaster throughout your home.

Many things happen to your home during and after a fire. Finding the right professional assistance to return it to preloss conditions is as easy as reaching out to our experienced SERVPRO of Cannon Valley technicians. Our emergency team is standing by 24/7 at (507) 334-2565.

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